Who should write a blog?

It seems like everyone is blogging these days. It’s not just for tech geeks and emo kids anymore. Blogs are not only a great medium for expressing opinions and keeping friends updated, but also for sharing practical information and connecting with like-minded people.

One of the first tips I got when I embarked on my job search was to start a blog and start reading and commenting on other profession-focused blogs. I eased into the practice by using Twitter to connect with PR professionals who directed me to interesting articles about industry practices and news.

All of this was going well. I felt informed and was making connections. And then something happened that made me step up. I went to an IABC social event in Charlotte to network with area professionals and met a guy who was trying to get a broadcast job. He said he’d been looking for a job, applying and interviewing for about a year and had only secured a weekend weather reporting spot. After talking to this man for a while, I found myself recommending that he start a blog – or, better yet I said, a vlog! After all, he has all this television broadcast experience and he wants to keep doing it. He could become a YouTube superstar!

I think he thought I was crazy. “What do I have to blog about?” he asked.

Well, he presented himself as an experienced television reporter. Why not talk about broadcasting? Or, he seemed to me to be a professional job-seeker, so how about creating some sort of resource or guide for other people looking for jobs?

And as I made these recommendations and he just shook his head, I realized I should probably start following my own advice. And what better way to start a blog than to ask who should be blogging?

So, what do you think? Who should be blogging?


3 responses to “Who should write a blog?

  1. Welcome to the blog-o-sphere! Glad to see you’ve set up your own little corner of the online world.

    I think the question you’re asking in this post is the fundamental hurdle for most people when it comes to blogging, including your new broadcast friend. His question summed it up.

    Most people wonder why anyone would care about or pay attention to what they would write on a blog or say on a vlog. I know I wondered that. But if you’re smart and opinionated, people will enjoy your additions to the conversation.

    So that’s my answer to “who should be blogging?” Anyone with an opinion about a topic. Of course it takes time to grow your readers, but it’s important to remember that the quality of readers you attract is more important than the quantity.

    It’s also important to remember that there are benefits beyond attracting readers. Blogging makes you a better writer – or a least better at a different type of writing.

  2. Hi Libby
    Congratulations on taking your own advice and jumping into the blogosphere. Great first post and we look forward to hearing more from you soon! See people are reading your blog and you do have an audience 🙂

  3. Hi Libby, thanks for the link in your blogroll – I’m honored. Who should start a blog? Anyone who has a voice and something to say, and who wants to share it with the world. Anyone who wants to learn more about this social media space and how to make things happen in it – for ourselves, for clients or for our company or brand. Anyone who wants to improve their search engine ranking – there’s no better way to organically rise up through the ranks than a regularly updated, well promoted blog. Hmmm, what else. To experience the joy of finding a readership and getting comments and link love from them! To participate in a conversation with other human beings and find new ways to connect than we ever thought possible.

    That’s all I can think of for right now. 😉

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