Back on the Blogwagon

I thought unemployment would allow me plenty of free time to immerse myself in the culture of the blogosphere.


I was wrong.


For one thing, unemployment left me without the daily demand for creativity and novelty. Lacking a steady, challenging workload, I lost my focus. For a little while, I kept up with Twitter and reading blogs, but nothing inspired me enough to write my own.


And then my computer crashed. I lost all my browser bookmarks as well as all my job search documents and blog article ideas. I started using my roommate’s persnickety PC to check my e-mail and search for employment, but my other online habits took a nosedive.


After Apple replaced my hard drive, I tried to recover as much as possible. (Thank goodness so many applications were sent as e-mail attachments!) But I just didn’t have the same zeal as I had in early August.


And now, one day back at work in a public relations agency, I am ready to start blogging…again.


So what have I learned? Challenges demand results. The more creativity I need on a project, the more ideas spike my curiosity. My job is currently my source for challenge and creativity. Thus, by the transitive property, employment inspires me. (Don’t believe me? Whatever, I don’t care, I don’t major in math.)


What inspires you? What do you like to blog about? When do questions and ideas come to you?


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