Hey, Thanks!


I know Thankgiving is still a few weeks away – and trust me, I am as unprepared for the holiday as the next guy! But I’m sure that if you’ve read my blog, you’ve noticed that I like to take my cues from other bloggers. So I’d like to offer a little shout-out to the awesome folks who have commented on my blog!

David Mullen, Lara Kretler, Heather Mosley, Scott Roche, Susan Iskiwitch, Jack Wojcicki, Ryan Rasmussen

Thanks for contributing to the conversation. I’d feel pretty silly up here with a monologue. And thanks to anyone who re-tweeted my questions or tweeted about my blog posts. It’s very much appreciated.

*Image from someecards.com


3 responses to “Hey, Thanks!

  1. thanks to you libby. look forward to continuing the conversation with more great posts in the future.

  2. Thanks, Libby! Glad to be a part of the conversation. Love the photo on this post – it made me laugh out loud.

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