No time for love, Dr. Jones

Remember that headline on my old blog about “tripping on geography”? Yeah? Well, looks like my blog fell into a black hole. Of course you know I’ve still been around on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, google+, tumblr and most recently Pinterest. And definitely around more now than I was two years ago. But many changes for me in the last couple years let me stick with my pattern of blog neglect.


But here’s the thing. I want to get back on the wagon. I need this outlet. I don’t want to publish everything on Facebook. Sometimes 140 characters isn’t enough. I feel weird publishing blog posts on a tumblr primarily devoted to funny animals and Arrested Development. So let’s give this guy another go.


While I’m sure PR, social media and digital trends will continue to be common topics for me, I also expect to share more personal posts (yes, consider yourselves warned that I may revert back to my livejournal ways every now and then) and probably all that random stuff I put up all over the rest of my channels, too.


So here I am. Back if you’ll have me. I’m keeping my expectations low and recommend you do the same. But hey, maybe we’ll be surprised.


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